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Clearinghouse for research in disability is a center that collates information on disability research in Malaysia. It is a one stop facility to search for material on disability in Malaysia and internationally. Published research articles are usually easy to access. Unpublished research abstract from university or institution can be access through this system. Policies and guidelines on disabilities in Malaysia are also available.


The National Council for Disability has appointed Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) as the chairman for quality of life care (QLC) for disabled. This committee comprises of various representatives from Ministry Of Health, Ministry Of Education, Department Of Social Welfare and Non-Governmental Organization (figure 1). The committee has decided in early 2009 that a clearinghouse on disability research should be set up. The task has been given to the Institute for Public Health (IPH) to set up the clearinghouse on the disability research.


The Clearinghouse for Disability Committee meeting on 1st Mac 2010 identified the mission which is to provide reference to stakeholder for decision making to improve the quality of life of the disable. The general objective of the clearinghouse for research in disability is to provide evidence for relevant stakeholders in improving the quality of life for the disability. The specific objectives are (figure 2):-



  • To collate information on persons with disability
  • To repackage information based on the requirements of relevant agencies
  • To identify gaps and priorities for future research in disability



Figure 1 : Flow Chart of Disability Committee





Figure 2 : Flow Chart of Clearinghouse for Research in Disability Concept








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